Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Glasses to Celebrate a First Royalty Check!

With my first royalty check from Henery Press, I bought myself cool new glasses!

Since I'm going to have short hair for a little while as it grows out, I wanted to get more dramatic glasses. My prescription hasn't changed in years, so I didn't really need new glasses. But I liked the idea of doing something fun with a royalty check. I hadn't stopped to do that after Artifact came out, so it was fun to slow down and think of getting something to celebrate Other People's Baggage.

I fell in love with these glasses at the beginning of February. I meant to post photos sooner, but somehow it's already the end of the month... Actually, I know exactly how it happened. Revisions. But they're almost done!

Now back to my hole where I'm revising furiously... 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Two Progress Reports: Book Revisions and Post-Chemo Hair

My Pirate Vishnu book revisions and my post-chemo hair growth have something in common: they're both going strong, but also taking longer than I'd hoped!

My subconscious solved one of the biggest remaining problems in the book, so I can tell I'm almost there, but I've gotta put in the time to get there. To that end, I'm keeping this short so I can head back to the cafe to keep writing.

I've never had hair this short, so I'm glad I decided take regular photos of my hair as it grows out. The curls are getting long enough that hair gel tames them a bit, so I no longer have to rely on hats!