Friday, October 25, 2013

A Full-Time Writer for 100 Days

My life has some big changes coming. Tomorrow I begin a 3-month sabbatical from my day job. For 100 days, I'm going to be a full-time writer!

I hadn't originally planned on using a sabbatical to write. My current work/writing schedule works for me. It isn't, however, conducive to writing both the next Jaya Jones book and finishing The Accidental Alchemist with the deadlines I agreed to. I want to both have fun with the books and give myself the time I need to make them good. Thus the sabbatical.

In my life right now, I love how I have structure. It helps my productivity. Without structure, will I be productive or will I become a procrastinator? Only time will tell...

If all goes well, at the end of January I'll have a good draft of the first book in my new series for my editor and a full messy draft of Jaya Book 3 that I can revise. I find myself tempted to do things like fix up the house, which I know is more procrastination than anything. So I'm relying on these guys to keep me honest.

I'll post updates here and on Facebook and Twitter to let you know how it goes!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Post-Chemo Hair Update: The Last Three Months

My last hair update was August 1, so it's time for a new one. When my hair was beginning to grow out after chemo in the spring of 2012, it made sense to take weekly photos so I could keep track of what it looked like at each stage, to remember if I liked a particular length. But now that it's getting longer, I can no longer observe changes from week to week, so I've been taking monthly photos instead. Here's August, September, and October.