Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Haircut: Week 3 / Plus a Note About Comments

This week was a tipping point. My post-chemo hair growth became long enough that I can no longer spike it straight up. When I try to do so, it looks rather like a pathetic attempt at a mohawk. Not an awesome mohawk, mind you. Just a sad little silly one.

Instead, I'm going to see if taming my curls downward works. Here's my first shot. It'll be interesting to see how long it takes my curls to rebel.

I previously blogged about my inadvertent sociological experiment that took place during chemo, in which different wigs received vastly different responses from the people I interacted with. This continues to be the case with short hair! More than any other change of appearance I've ever had, hair changes the way strangers interact with me.

I'm not sure if it's these thrilling posts about my hair that are increasing the number of people reading the blog (kidding, I know it's the how-to posts), but I've started to receive SPAM comments that I've had to delete. Therefore I've changed the settings and comments will only appear once I've had a chance to approve them.



  1. You always look lovely, Gigi, be it long hair or short, even none at all. But it might be time for a post about the range of reactions each wig/hairstyle elicits!

  2. Thanks, Supriya :)

    I blogged about the reactions to different wigs here: But I don't have quite enough data to do a post about short hair yet.

  3. Your hair will grow back looking like it did, which was great to start with. But the most important thing is to keep getting stronger and healthy Gigi. Richard

  4. You're such a lovely creation... For a fact that you had just survive your chemo... and yet you have this positive, lively and awesome outlook in life!!! You're such a good example!!

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