Monday, October 7, 2013

Post-Chemo Hair Update: The Last Three Months

My last hair update was August 1, so it's time for a new one. When my hair was beginning to grow out after chemo in the spring of 2012, it made sense to take weekly photos so I could keep track of what it looked like at each stage, to remember if I liked a particular length. But now that it's getting longer, I can no longer observe changes from week to week, so I've been taking monthly photos instead. Here's August, September, and October.


  1. Looking good, Gigi! Don't you love the curls. Apres chemo was my first curly hair experience, it was temporary, and sometimes I miss 'em.

  2. Kait, I wasn't sure if my hair would come back curly, but after one inch of straight hair, my curls were back! They're unwieldy but make me feel like myself :)


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